Strategic view14 June 2016
Accountants and economists can be perceived as being a ‘one or the other’ choice in the quantification of damages relating to competition law in private enforcement actions.  In a recent article in CDR’s latest publication, The Strategic View, Bruno Augustin, Partner at Haberman Ilett, and Rob van der Laan, economist at OmniCLES, discuss this choice when selecting the right expert for a case.  In their conversation, they explore whether and how their views differ on various key issues in competition damages quantification.

Bruno shares his view that there is no right or wrong answer as to whether to appoint a forensic accountant or an economist when quantifying damages in competition litigation.  He explains that it depends on the merits of each case as to how to quantify the damages and the type of expertise required.  Bruno’s belief is that the team, which might include both accountants and economists, should be put together very early on in a case, making it easier to judge whether it is the accountant or the economist who should be kept on or lead the project going forward.  Rob van der Laan draws similar conclusions to Bruno, with both emphasising the benefits of collaboration between experts.

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