Accounting for Lawyers photo - to use20 May 2016

Accounting and financial aspects of commercial disputes can be complex. Here at Haberman Ilett, we pride ourselves on providing an objective interpretation and understanding of relevant financial and accounting matters, and presenting our findings in a way that can be easily absorbed by non-finance professionals. We believe it is important that our clients feel confident that they have taken all that they need from our work, and we are keen to share our accounting expertise to make this happen.

We recently put together a team to deliver accounting training for London-based lawyers working in litigation and arbitration.  In these training sessions we aim to share our knowledge on accounting issues relevant to commercial disputes, as well as comment on other matters that often come up in litigation or arbitration. We can also discuss accounting topics that are of interest to a specific firm.  These sessions are designed to be helpful to our clients and provide a friendly and relaxed forum in which questions about accounting and financial matters can be answered and issues discussed.

Most recently Anastasia Mikhalitsyna and Claire Rogers visited Peters & Peters, one of the UK’s leading law firms with expertise in business crime, commercial litigation and regulatory investigations, to provide training and discuss issues relating to group consolidation.  A lively Q&A session followed our presentation, leading to a discussion on the issues that arise out of improper group accounting.

If you are interested in receiving accountancy training for your London litigation or arbitration teams, please get in touch with Edward Martin (