5 October 2015

K&L Gates

The giving of expert evidence at the final hearing of an international arbitration is evolving. But as Liz Perks and Phil Haberman, Partners at Haberman Ilett, reveal in their article for the 30th edition of K&L Gates Arbitration World, there is still room for improvement.

In coming to their conclusion that the school report on trends in expert evidence should read ‘improving, but could still be better’, Liz and Phil examine the merits of experts providing evidence in chief by way of a short slideshow presentation. They also discuss the need for more time to be given to expert cross-examination and the efficacy of hot-tubbing after direct and cross-examination.

For Tribunals to reach robust and supportable decisions, say Liz and Phil, they need to get to grips with the sometimes complex quantum issues of the case. Improving the hearing of expert evidence will help them achieve this and result in fewer awards being unenforceable in the future.

To read the full article in K&L Gates Arbitration World, please click here.