9 June 2016

Earlier this year, Haberman Ilett announced our first CSR partnership with Visionpath Education, a social enterprise that aims to help young people gain the skills they need for a successful future.  By participating in Visionpath’s flagship programme SKILL!, we hope to motivate and inspire young people, helping them to establish core business skills that will enhance their employability.

Last month, a small group from Haberman Ilett attended our first SKILL! Workshop in which we, and members of other businesses across London, mentored students from local schools by drawing on our business knowledge and expertise, and their ambition and creativity.

At the end of the workshop, the students demonstrated what they had learned by presenting their business ideas to four esteemed industry experts in the ‘Tiger’s cage’, a daunting task for even the most experienced of public speakers.

We were extremely impressed by the students’ enthusiasm, willingness to participate and both the quality and variety of ideas put forward.  We felt that we gained as much from the workshops as they did, and that the well-structured day offered a great chance to practice some invaluable skills, applicable to both junior and senior staff alike.  With a focus on mentoring, advising and guiding to encourage and enable the children to realise their abilities, it was a challenging, exciting and above all, an extremely rewarding experience.

We are looking forward to participating in more workshops later this year, and to contributing to broadening the business experience of young people in our community.

By Michael Laming, senior associate