Since its inception, Haberman Ilett has been providing tailored formal and informal training seminars to barristers, law firms and other members of the legal community.  These interactive seminars help lawyers develop their understanding of both financial matters and other quantum considerations relevant to disputes.  They are delivered at a time and place of their recipients’ choosing.

Previous seminars have covered a broad range of topics, including those set out below.

Demystifying accounts

The demystifying accounts sessions are particularly popular, providing solicitors and barristers with the opportunity to turn the pages of a real set of accounts.  The training provides an understanding of how to get under the skin of the numbers to extract the most relevant information contained inside.  The session can be tailored towards a more specific theme, such as security for costs or insolvency, as required.

Working with an expert

A recent session explored how a team of international arbitration lawyers could get the best out of their experts.  This involved a pre-session survey of the team’s current habits and views, and a highly interactive session using the survey results to explore topics such as why and when to instruct an expert, choosing the right expert and how to collaborate effectively.

Valuation basics

Haberman Ilett’s valuation basics seminars cover topics such as what is meant by value, the different bases of value and the advantages and disadvantages of the main approaches to valuation.  This training enables lawyers to understand more about the underlying principles on which experts base their valuations.

Group consolidation

In this training, we explained the concepts and basic mechanisms of consolidation, as well as reviewing examples of consolidated financial statements to understand what can be concealed behind the face of them.  This session allows the lawyers to gain familiarity with group consolidation and to understand how an accountant’s perspective differs from a pure legal view.

Contact us

If your team of litigation or arbitration lawyers or barristers would like to find out more about Haberman Ilett’s training sessions, please contact Edward Martin.  If you have specific requirements that you would like to address, we are happy to discuss your needs and how we might work with you to develop a bespoke session.

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