1 February 2017

At Haberman Ilett we have set up a team to provide accounting training to London-based lawyers, of all levels, working in litigation and arbitration.  The training is designed to share our knowledge and experience on accounting issues, in particular those relevant to disputes, but also to discuss various other related financial matters.  By providing a friendly and relaxed forum to present our expertise, in a format easily absorbed by non-finance professionals, we intend to help our clients grasp some of the more complex financial information and concepts which they may face.

Most recently, Sophie Baillie, Victoria Bontoft (pictured) and Kevin Davey visited Osborne Clarke, the international law firm with a presence across Europe, Asia and the US, to deliver a session entitled “De-Mystifying Company Accounts”.  The presentation was aimed at helping participants gain greater familiarity with company accounts; identifying the type of information these reports provide and where it may easily be found, but also the type of information which is not readily available.  We also hoped to enlighten those attending on a few other hidden accounting secrets which may lie buried in the detail.

Speaking to a room of around 30 lawyers, it proved to be a highly interactive hour, with plenty of insightful questions from the audience both during and after the presentation.  Feedback from the day was very positive, with the content being described as “very clear and useful” and the presenters having “excellent subject knowledge”.  Osborne Clarke has since requested a repeat training session be presented to other employees later in the year.

We are wanting to support our clients with understanding the material and issues they deal with on a daily basis.  We are therefore happy to tailor our presentations to areas of particular interest or relevance to our audience.

If you are interested in receiving accounting training for your London litigation or arbitration teams, please get in touch with Edward Martin (ejm@hiforensic.com).


By Sophie Baillie, associate