Graham Nunns, Associate Partner

D: +44 (0)20 3096 6695
“Graham is responsive…gives sound advice and is a pleasure to work with.”
“Mr Nunns . . . produced expert report(s) and then prepared an immensely helpful Joint Statement.”
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“Graham Nunns is held in high regard by market sources who highlight his “intellectual strength and clarity of expression”.”
Who's Who Legal, Consulting Experts 2018
“Graham Nunns is “a pleasure to work with”, according to interviewees, thanks to his “straightforward modern business manner” and “quick turnaround time”.”
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Graham has specialised in forensic accountancy for over 20 years, during which time he has received a number of expert appointments and worked on over 100 cases covering a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions.

Graham’s valuations experience includes a broad range of industrial, commercial, professional, media, entertainment and service sectors.

He has worked on disputes in a number of different forums, including the UK High Court, international arbitration, Lands Tribunal cases and disputes settled by mediation expert determination.

Graham has prepared over 100 expert accountant’s reports, with approximately equal instructions from claimants and defendants.  He has given evidence at trial and assisted Counsel during the preparation for and during the course of trial on a number of occasions.  He has prepared written submissions, assisted with negotiations and made oral representations in cases settled by mediation, arbitration and expert determination.

Graham’s dispute resolution experience has included a significant number of cases arising from commercial disputes concerning loss of profits, valuation disputes, warranty disputes, delay and contract disputes involving construction and IT projects and the infringement of patents and design rights.  He has prepared valuation reports concerning the value of public and private companies, divisions within public companies, partnerships, unincorporated businesses and investment portfolios in connection with shareholder disputes, warranty claims, the investigation of alleged transactions with directors at an undervalue and matrimonial settlements.

Graham read accountancy at university and graduated in 1987.  He immediately joined an international firm of chartered accountants and completed his professional exams in 1989.  Graham has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant in England and Wales since 1991.

Since 1995, Graham has specialised in forensic services, spending 17 years in a Big Four accountancy firm before becoming a partner in a forensic accountancy practice within a boutique firm.

Early in my career I was involved in investigations and due diligence reporting, which presented unique challenges in information gathering and problem solving.  I remember being provided with a simple check list for investigating accounting problems: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much?  I’ve always enjoyed getting to the bottom of problems and if you can find the answers to those questions, you will be close to the truth.
I enjoy the professional and intellectual challenge of presenting complex arguments about accounting issues.  Usually a difference of opinion arises between accounting experts which is ultimately determined by a third party, whether by a mediation, expert determination, arbitration or trial.  It is gratifying to have your views endorsed in preference to an opposing opinion.
Haberman Ilett has been successful in recruiting a team with broad skills from colleagues with diverse backgrounds and legacy firms.  This diversity has created an environment to share knowledge, experience and ideas and provide fresh insights and approaches to problem solving.  The firm’s greatest asset is its people and the enthusiasm and dedication throughout the team are contagious.
I enjoy most sports as a spectator these days, but do occasionally play golf, with a lot more enthusiasm than talent, and I really enjoy cycling, but with significantly less ability than I had as a teenager.