Valery Knyazev, Partner

D: +44 (0)20 3096 6557

“He is “utterly committed to providing a high-quality service. He handles cross-examination and tribunal questions fluently and confidently, and he is simply the best for Russian-language matters”.”
Who's Who Legal, Consulting Experts 2016
“He was a most impressive expert witness, whose oral evidence was easy to follow and understand.”
Official judgement
“Valery Knyazev is “a great practitioner, particularly for damages disputes involving Russia”.”
Who's Who Legal, Consulting Experts 2017
“Valery Knyazev is recognised by sources for his “depth of understanding and first-hand experience in dealing with complex damages matters”.”
Who's Who Legal, Consulting Experts 2018
“Valery Knyazev stands out for the “practical and efficient solutions” he delivers in complex damage matters.”
Who's Who Legal, Arbitration 2018
“Valery Knyazev is a “very knowledgeable expert” who stands out for his “in-depth understanding and first-hand experience in dealing with complex damages matters”.”
Who's Who Legal, Arbitration 2019
Valery Knyazev is a partner at Haberman Ilett, part of Blackrock Expert Services Group. Valery has over 24 years of professional experience and has been involved in forensic accounting and financial expert engagements in the UK, Russia, the CIS region and in emerging markets.
Valery has been actively involved in a wide range of matters including commercial and shareholder disputes quantifying damages and valuing business interests, investment treaty claims, transaction-related disputes, loss of profit claims, insurance and reinsurance claims, financial investigations and disputes arising out of accounting and financial irregularities reporting on alleged fraud transactions and asset misappropriation.

Valery has issued reports and testified in English before international arbitration tribunals under LCIA, SCC and ICSID rules and in state courts on many occasions.

Valery has first-hand experience in business, accounting and financial practices in emerging markets and in the CIS region including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Moldova and Uzbekistan. He has provided services in civil and criminal proceeding, and his reports have been served in state court proceedings in Russia, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands and the UK. He has advised clients in a wide range of industries including construction, financial services, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, real estate, telecom and others.

Valery is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and a Certified Fraud Examiner. He has received additional professional education in business valuation. He has a high degree in economics and a high degree with honours in engineering.
I always enjoyed mathematics, which initially brought me into engineering at university and allowed me to complete a second degree in economics later.  Then when I was a graduate, a student friend of mine convinced me to join him in taking the entrance exams at a Big Four accounting firm.  This turned out to be the beginning of my career.
By coincidence, but a very lucky one!  Throughout my audit career I worked in different countries and was on the move between Germany and the UK in 2005.  During this move, I was introduced to a boutique forensic accounting firm based in London.  They offered me a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a large-scale and very challenging forensic engagement.  I quickly realised that this was my field.
You learn something new every day.  You come to work in the morning to find a new intellectual challenge or a new way of doing something that is very different from what you were doing yesterday.  You never know what the day will bring with a variety of clients in different industries in different geographical locations.
I was very nervous when I did it the first time.  My first cross-examination spanned two days but I enjoyed the new challenge.  I was also encouraged by the Arbitrator’s complimentary comments on my appearance in the witness box in the final award.
I have been travelling quite a lot and have lived and worked in different countries for many years throughout my career.  For this reason, I am trying to spend as much time as possible with my family.  Children grow up so quickly!