15 May 2017


philandlexiWe are delighted to announce that on Friday Philip Haberman, senior partner, was appointed to the LCIA Board as the only non-lawyer among many other prominent practitioners.

“I have long admired the role of the LCIA in commercial dispute resolution and its contribution to international arbitration and other ADR proceedings,” said Philip.  “I am looking forward to adding my support as part of the Board.”

Philip has been an active member of the LCIA community for more than ten years and has been cross-examined several times before LCIA Tribunals.  He is a regular participant at LCIA events alongside Haberman Ilett’s managing partner, Frank Ilett.

Dr Jacomijn van Haersolte-van Hof, LCIA Director General and member of the LCIA Board, said “It will be very good for the LCIA to have Philip, who is an accountant, join the Board.  He has extensive experience in arbitration and in dealing with arbitration practitioners, which brings a fresh perspective to the Board.  What is also important and good for the LCIA is that Philip sits on the Board of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law where he also has hands-on experience of contributing as a non-lawyer to the workings of an institution focusing on legal services.”

Audley Sheppard, Chairman of the LCIA Board since 1 January 2017, adds The Board and all the LCIA’s stakeholders will benefit from Philip’s experience and financial acumen“.

To view the full LCIA Board click here

By Lexi Boyes, senior associate