17 May 2017

Last Friday, Frank Ilett, Jo Jenks and I attended the BIICL Investment Treaty Forum Public Conference in London.  BIICL is an independent academic institute that promotes debate on a broad range of international issues.  We are proud to have sponsored this particular event because it addressed economic crime in the context of international investment law.

As a firm, we have been involved in 12 investor-state cases since our launch in September 2013.  My personal experience at Haberman Ilett includes working on six investment treaty claims, from both investor and state perspectives, in a mixture of ICSID and UNICITRAL cases.  One case, which is an ongoing dispute, includes an allegation from the defence that the investor adopted improper practices and payments of bribes to obtain its contract.  We reviewed the accounting records and internal documentation to determine whether the evidence supported the allegations.

If you would like to know more about our work in investor-state cases, including our experience identifying evidence of economic crime in the context of international investment treaty disputes, please get in touch.

By Vikki Wall, partner